Working with Genymotion and Android Wear

Google has released the Android Wear Developer Preview, which includes tools and APIs that allow developers to enhance their app notifications to provide an optimized user experience on Android wearable devices. The drawback is that preview is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher and is also not available for the Android emulator. This is a problem for developers who don't have a device running Android 4.3 or higher. However, with Genymotion you can overcome this problem and start to test the notifications on the Android Wear emulator.

YouTube Android Player API – Play Videos with “start” and “end”

This tutorial helps you specify "start" and "end" parameters to play video using YouTube Android Player API. YouTube allows you set the start and end time of a video by specifiying the parameters "start" and "end" in the video URL. For instance, take a look at this URL: If you open the video click, you will notice that the video starts playing from the 36th second and stops at the 65th second.

Find and Colorize Specific Words (Hashtags) in a String (TextView)

A user on Stack Overflow came up with an interesting problem to find and colorize specific words that are hashtags in a given string extracted from a TextView. The solution is quite simple to achieve unless you’re new to Android development or Java programming. The problem was that the user wanted to identify or match hashtags from a given text (in a TextView) and colorize every hashtag in it. Well, this has a very simple approach and can be achieved easily with a just a few lines of code.