Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna doing Gangnam Style – Indiblogger Meet, Bangalore

It was a fun thrilled event at the Nokia AppTasting IndiBlogger Meet. Thanks to Rajiv Makhni’s and Vikas Khanna’s witty humour, and of course a bit of background jokes by @sathyabhat @9_6 @pratheek @praxprasanna, the atmosphere was quite exhilarating with fun-filled activities, and lots of (empty) wine glasses around :P

The Aliens Have Landed In Bangalore

Alienware launched its first retail store and a 3D gaming zone in India. The ‘sapceship’ landed on the 26th July and yesterday an official invite was sent to bloggers and gamers around Bangalore. The (gaming) zone contains over 16 high end gaming machines, supporting 3D gamming features. The gaming zone is situated right behind the retail store.

[Review] Nokia E72

Weighing 22gms lesser than the Nokia N97 Mini, the Enterprise series, Nokia E72 (128gms) is light, yet loaded with enviable features. 4.4" tall by 2.34" wide by 0.39" thick, it is definitely a comfortable device to hold on. With steel plate and chromed edges, Nokia did improve on the design to make the phone a solid and a gorgeous looking device.