“The Successor” – A Film By Metro Brava

Metro Brava, a Bangalore-based media and communications company launched their first movie here today. A banner of Metro Brava called Metro Films, under which the movie was produced, aims to make five feature films based on five Indian metropolitan cities. The Successor: Private & Confidential’ is the first of the five-film concept and revolves around the city of Bangalore. It is an 84-minute English language feature film and India’s first real ‘mockumentary’, which was made with an entire project budget of less than five lakhs. Metro Brava has thus woven a whole new business model along the way, so that others can be encouraged to follow in their footsteps and become part of India’s new wave of media.

I Made It To Deccan Chronicles As Well!

After Times Of India and Bangalore Mirror, I now made it to Deccan Chronicles as well :D Yesterday afternoon Tenzin, a journal at Deccan Chronicles, rang me up asking questions about what digital marketing is and how it works, how I balanced my studies along with my work load and also asked me to mention a few project categories that I've worked on.