Mobile Pickpocket and I Feel So Lifeless

It was 7:00pm on a Saturday evening when I reached BTM layout and was waiting for a Volvo bus. It was just 7:00pm and I don't know where in the hell were all the Volvo buses that evening. I waited for over 25mins for a Volvo to turn up, but it didn't. I was forced to board a normal bus which was crowded like hell with drunken stinking losers hanging inside. Most of the public buses in Bangalore have hydraulic doors.

My Dream HP Laptop

Lately, I’ve been crazy and thinking of owning a laptop of my own. Well, that’s always been a dream and I hope the day is not very far when I’ll have one! I customized a laptop on HP’s website and I’m simply in love with it and if you ask me to describe it in a word, I would say “Sexy!” :D