Ethnic Day

Ethnic Day is a celebration denoting the ways of sharing cultural characteristics and traditionality. At Oxford, we celebrated the day with so much fun and enthusiasm. When I reached college, I thought I landed up in Kerala. Damn! I could see a huge group of Keralites in their traditional dress. I just smiled and ran inside. Girls were looking pretty in their sarees and guys were looking smart in their kurthas. Everyone were busy admiring each other and clicking photos. Our lecturers grew mad as were roving around. Like we cared.

Our lab was supposed to start at 9:30, but we took our own sweet time and entered the lab at 10:15 😛 As we entered, it was like hell in there. AC’s were turned off  and we were literally sweating. But that didn’t bother us much as we continued clicking snaps inside the lab itself 😉 😛 I couldn’t take the heat anymore and I just walked out pulling 3 of my  friends to the so called cafetería to have a cup of coffee. This temporary canteen sucks big time!

After wasting a lot of time and playing around near the canteen, we got back to the lab and started the photo session again 😛 Few were playing Counter Strike and few were honestly executing the programs. As our lab ended, we decided to go out and celebrate the day coz our college management didn’t encourage us to celebrate it inside the college. So, we headed to a Chinese restaurant and had our lunch. It was very hot, so I changed my kurtha and wore a t-shirt. Yes, I did carry a t-shirt with me. We then headed to Mc Donalds and it was the best time we had. Thanks to Shruthi and Arun for cracking their stupid jokes and making us laugh our heads off! (If they both start laughing, I bet you can’t control your laughter. Crazy people 😛 )

It was overall a great day. Thanks to our seniors for making this day happen :)

  • Shruthi br

    You called my precious jokes STUPID???? Anyway,I’m glad our Ethnic Day became a success atleast outside COLLEGE!! We had a Fab time indeed :)

  • Reema

    nice idea! and u looking good…u r the one in red kurta right?

  • Joel

    @Shruthi “Precious” jokes? ;D (Between 😛 )

    @Reema Yeah, I am the one in red kurtha :) Thanks 😀