The Bangalore Sapling Project Pictures

Thanks to all who made it to the sapling project and making it a successful event. Special thanks to David Selvaraj, Business Development Manager, Golden Square for educating us about the saplings and for providing tips on how to nurture them. Also, thanks to Karishma Shetty who lead the project and Zeeshan and Shyam for lending me their hand during the event.

Karishma Shetty leading the sapling project

David Selvaraj

Sapling Project, Bangalore

Sapling Project, Bangalore

  • Libu

    Well done.Congratulations Joel.

  • shobha

    hi a very interesting session hoping to have many more, well done keep it up

  • Anand

    Good show today,joel. Keep it up. Iwish you success

  • Prathibha

    Hai, Good see David & team to working on it all the best. Congratulations

  • Joel

    Thank you all :)

  • Manasa

    Heard it was on june 5th.. is it the same one??? good job.. :)

  • Joel

    Yup, its the same :) Thanks :)