I Made It To Deccan Chronicles As Well!

After Times Of India and Bangalore Mirror, I now made it to Deccan Chronicles as well 😀 Yesterday afternoon Tenzin, a journal at Deccan Chronicles, rang me up asking questions about what digital marketing is and how it works, how I balanced my studies along with my work load and also asked me to mention a few project categories that I’ve worked on. And today I see it in the paper 😀

All thanks to Hrish Thota (@dhempe) for directing Tenzin to me and sharing my number with her. :)

Quote from the paper

BCA student Joel Fernandes, co-founder of Darkwater Digital, a digital marketing company, tells us, “I have managed social media for two films, two novels and even a hotel. By creating pages and communities on social media, we create an online network for the brand.

P.S. A perfect news that lifted my mood when I reached home after finishing my Data Communications exam which was not-that-good.

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