“The Successor” – A Film By Metro Brava

Press Release: Metro Brava, a Bangalore-based media and communications company launched their first movie here today. A banner of Metro Brava called Metro Films, under which the movie was produced, aims to make five feature films based on five Indian metropolitan cities.

The Successor: Private & Confidential’ is the first of the five-film concept and revolves around the city of Bangalore. It is an 84-minute English language feature film and India’s first real ‘mockumentary’, which was made with an entire project budget of less than five lakhs. Metro Brava has thus woven a whole new business model along the way, so that others can be encouraged to follow in their footsteps and become part of India’s new wave of media.

Metro Films aims to showcase every city and associated film in a new light for modern Indian audiences. Each of these films will introduce a whole new treatment and concept never before experienced in India.

The Film

The challenge was set – the film was shot in 45 locations in and around Bangalore in seven days for a budget of less than five lakhs, with no script and was completed well within the scheduled time and budget. In order to achieve this, the concept of ‘mainstream mockumentary’ was chosen, which is a fake documentary with commercial elements like action, romance, friendship and comedy included to work more for an Indian audience. Popular Bangalorean personalities including cricketer S. Sreesanth, fashion guru Prasad Bidappa, and swimming ace Shika Tandon among others who played themselves in the film.

The soundtrack of the film is another unique pioneering effort for India with ten artists from all over the world contributing to it.

The movie was launched yesterday at the Hotel Atria. There was a media and bloggers event that took place at 6:30pm. The movie will be screened in all of the Inox theaters in Bangalore.