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  • http://offlineblog.net dinu

    Good luck with everything :)

  • http://twitter.com/joelfernandes Joel

    ^ Thank you! :-)

  • airr

    # Want to experience life, staying alone. (You learn a lot of things when you stay alone)

    Trust me, no form of education teaches like this one. Life will probably take you through the toughest possible roads and when you come out alive, you will appreciate it better.

  • http://smallstar.wordpress.com/ Smallstar

    hello Joel

    how are you?


  • http://www.alantippins.com Alan Tippins

    I highly recommend getting that dSLR before you go trekking/traveling/adventuring =) Or better yet, get an old pentax 35mm slr and scan your negatives into the computer. Something about having a limited amount of film makes you save your shots until you can make the best images possible =)

  • http://annunci-subito.it Brain

    Nice blog !

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