Me on Bangalore Mirror and Times of India! w00t!!!

Me on cloud9 😀 My previous blog post, Bangalore Tweetup and Photo Walk was published in Bangalore Mirror. Here’s the a shot of it :) Thanks to Balu for publishing it :)

Click here for high resolution image

And that’s not it! I was on Times of India too! That’s a huge thing for me 😀 We are a group on Flickr called Bangalore Photo Walk (BPW) and we host weekend photo walks in and around Bangalore. I happened to contact Nirmala, a journal at TOI and introduced our BPW group to her. She shared all the details with the Editor and the Editor asked me to form a group of 6 and asked the 6 of us go to different places in Bangalore and capture some interesting shots at the same time. In the sense, we were supposed to go to different places individually and click some shots at one particular (same) time. The time and the place was all our choice. So, we planned on it and decided to go on 23rd July, 2009 (It was my mom’s birthday that day :) ). We started our walk at 10:30am in the morning and completed it by 12 noon. Unfortunately, one out of the 6 dropped coz of unavoidable conditions and we were only 5 of us.

Now, the real work started! We had to choose 1 best shot out of all the shots we had captured. Everyone did it and sent it to me. In turn, I forwarded the-best-chosen shots to Nirmala with a brief write-up about us…And it is today, July 29th, our shots were published on page 16 in the Times of India, Bangalore edition 😀 \m/

Image credit: Zeeshan Imam Chowdhury

And yes, I’m still on cloud9 😀

  • Anshul

    Whoa! a celebrity now!

    You should get a verified a/c on twitter now. 😉

  • Ranjit’h’

    Recursive linking :O Your blog –> Blore Mirror –> Your blog 😛

  • Joel

    @Anshul No no no…I don’t want that “celebrity” tag on me :-S Though I don’t mind a verified a/c 😛

    @Ranjith: Link love ;P Edit: And ya, I’ll never forget the spelling of your name, especially the ‘h’. I’m sorry that I screwed up your name in the paper. I actually had to edit this comment coz I had missed that ‘h’ here again *sigh*

  • Vikas SN

    Whoa! Cool dude!

  • Reema


  • Joel

    @Vikas @Reema Thanks :)

  • dinu

    congrats !!

  • Vineeth

    Nice to know bloggers are getting recognition on newspapers. I live in malaysia, and bloggers only get published when they say something defamatory against the government. lol.

  • ahmed

    Congrats ,, ! :)

  • Joel

    @Dinu Thanks :)

    @Vineeth LOL!

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  • http://gmail Madesh

    It is truely owesome..