• 14th May, the day my semester exams start.
  • 3 days ago I had decided to start with the 3rd unit in Data Communications and Networks. #RandomlySelected
  • …and today I opened the book and I’m still in the first page.
  • I thought I loved Data Communications and Networks. But not anymore.
  • I am mind-$*%&#!
  • I can’t blog what  I want  to. There are people who read my blog whom I don’t them to read it.
  • …and I bet you’re reading this.
  • This is my blog and I write what I like.
  • I login to Facebook more than 10 times a day. Frikkin addicted to it!
  • Its been ages since I tweeted.
  • My favorite swearword right now is dickhead. #JustSaying
  • Russel Peters \m/ <3
  • I try to correct people and end up hurting them. Hate it.
  • I love shooting macros. <3
  • I want a Wi-Fi enabled phone right away. And a DSLR.
  • For some reasons, Aritel GPRS is working for free. W00t! 😀
  • Lee, you’re just wow! #AmericanIdol
  • I kinda like Castle.
  • I helped 3 people start a blog of their own. Of course, on a WordPress platform \m/
  • Its always during exam time, I think of doing something interesting.
  • I saw Meet the Spartans yesterday for the 3rd time.
  • It is 23mins 42 seconds past 11pm.
  • Airtel’s 256kbps (UL) download speed at the moment is 56kbps. Surprised!
  • Indian Idol is such a piece of shit.
  • Music has the power to change my mood.
  • After an argument, I think of clever things that I could have said.
  • I don’t really know what to talk, but I wanna talk to you.
  • On Facebook, I “like” the last 3 things that I just mentioned.
  • *yawn*
  • I think I have a attendance shortage this time.
  • Heard that we can download our hall tickets from the internet. If that’s true, then its time to party!!!
  • …I hate it when they ask us to pay cash if we have shortage! So cheap.
  • That reminds me that I am supposed to be studying. %$#@
  • Bye!
  • P.S. (Probably only one person would understand what this is 😉 )
  • Stefi

    Me love castle too!! watching it actually 😉 Indian Idol haha.. seriously!
    you can study.. exams are yup you know! while i watch ‘our’ favourite show 😉
    P.S: STUDY!

  • Reema

    “Its always during exam time, I think of doing something interesting.”
    one of the facts of exam time 😀 😀
    Sigh!! I think i m the only one who doesnt like facebook.
    All the best.
    Hope i m not one of them – “There are people who read my blog whom I don’t them to read it.”

  • Joel

    @Stefi 😀 😀 😀 *like*

    @Reema No no, you’re not the one 😀