Funk Tees – Buy Cool Funky T-Shirts

FunkTees is yet another e-store for buying funky and cool designer t-shirts. FunkTees is a Haryana based startup and is managed by Ayushveda Informatics India Pvt Ltd. and is in competition with other successful e-stores like Myntra and InkFruit and aims to offer better services with better design and t-shirt quality. The designs are quite appealing and worth the price they are tagged at. I personally liked the concepts and designs and I feel that in another few months, they would overtake Myntra and InkFruit. Another plus point is that there are no shipping charges (India only) and they also offer affiliate programs where you stand a chance to win a free t-shirt if you meet the requirements.

Just a month after its launch, FunkTees has already received over 10k fans on its Facebook page, which is quite impressive. While I was drafting this post, I compared the number of fans of Myntra, InkFruit and FunkTees on Facebook and surprisingly FunkTees has already overtaken InkFruit! FunkTees are certainly here for some tough competition.

FunkTees overall Alexa traffic rank is 103,829 and traffic rank in India 8,997 which is quite a good number for month-and-a-half old start-up, but needs to improve a lot on its SEO.

Comparison of Alexa Traffic Rank with FunkTees, Myntra and InkFruit

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  • Sahil Mehta

    Thanks Joel for the nice review.. We are very happy with our success and yes facebook really rocked us.. We are trying many more marketing concepts and we believe after the launch of next 2-3 design lots, we will be having a very good standing.

  • Roch

    Althought I had heard of Inkfruit this Funktess is new to me. From the looks of their website it sounds promising. I really like the fact their friendly web 2.0 interface.

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