Official Launch of Darkwater Digital

The wait is finally over! 😀 I’ve been so eager and excited to put the word out but the launch date was stopping me from doing so…

But now, I’m even more excited and I feel like I’m on top of the world. Its because, today we have officially launched Darkwater Digital – Redefining PR 2.0 a digital communications firm.

What is Darkwater Digital?

Darkwater Digital is a digital communications firm that specializes in strategic online campaigns aimed at leveraging the internet and Web 2.0 to achieve a high recall quotient of your brand. Darkwater specializes in building your brand comprehensively online, and is strategically poised to deliver your product directly to your customers globally. Online reputation management is an area overlooked by most businesses, which could make or break the business.

Darkwater Digital, with its elite team of technology experts and highly-networked bloggers will ensure that your brand achieves the right kind of publicity among the online audience. We build businesses, not just brands.

Our Mission:

LISTEN to what your customers and competitors are saying.

BUILD your image and presence online through active social engagements.

MANAGE your online reputation with the best passive-aggressive outlook.

How did it all start?

It was all Nikhil‘s idea of starting this firm. One night he called me and said, “Dude, can you come down to my office tomorrow? I wanna talk to you about the firm”. Earlier that night he had mailed me saying that he’d like to start a firm and wanted me to partner with him. Without any hesitations I said “Yes!”

I headed to Nikhil’s office the next day and he explained to me everything. I WAS HELL EXCITED!!!! 😀 😀 We registered the domain on April 4th, 2009 and started with our work. Thanks to Nikhil, he got Darkwater a pretty good number of clients and we did have a blast. Work pressure was increasing as clients were flowing in.  But, we somehow managed it. The best part is, Darkwater had its first international client and we were damn happy about that.

After so much of progress in no time, we had planned to launch Darkwater Digital on June 1st 2009. But, due to some unavoidable conditions we had to drop it or rather reschedule it for today. (Again, Nikhil sent me a surprise SMS saying that, “Dude, Darkwater Digital is officially launched today!”)

Phew! That was so much. Never have I been so happy and excited and have written such a big post 😛

  • dinu

    great news !

    ps : I think the link to Nikhil’s blog has some typo :)

  • Joel

    Thanks Dinu :-) (Link updated)

  • Anu

    Congrats! :)