The app market, for both Android and iOS devices, tends to move so quickly that it’s hard to even attempt to keep track of what’s popular. That is, with the exception of a few games that top the charts and take hold in pop culture, like Angry Birds, or more recently the maddeningly popular Flappy Bird. But occasionally an app comes along that, even if it starts off quietly, has serious game-changing potential for our mobile lifestyles. Here are five such apps you may not be aware of.

1. Mint has been gaining popularity for some time now as a sleek and efficient online financial manager. It’s a free service that essentially allows you to track your finances any way you want, and as the service gains popularity, and more and more people deal with finances via mobile devices, the Mint app figures to be a significant player in 2014 and beyond.

2. Habit List

Tabbing a single to-do list app as one that could be a game changer is risky business, as there are simply a ton of options out there, and there’s never really been one to run away from the pack. If any organization app is going to do just that in 2014, however, it will likely be the Habit List app from developers Scott Dunlap and Gerard Gualberto. Basically, instead of having you plug in a day-to-day schedule, Habit List lets you build habits and organize a recurring list (for example, work out every day Monday-Friday), and your tasks keep popping up as originally directed. The app helps you to easily swipe away completed tasks, and even keeps track of streaks to help you stay motivated. It’s the best to-do list app we’ve seen.

Five Game-Changing Apps For 2014

3. Wordeo

Naturally, there had to be a social media app included on the list, and if there’s an early favorite to be the big story of 2014, it’s Wordeo. A sharp looking, free app, Wordeo is essentially a combination of Twitter and Vine, allowing users to quickly send videos with accompanying messages to each other. There are two key differences, however. To begin with, videos can be up to 30 seconds long. But more importantly, Wordeo has partnered with Getty Images to import an enormous library of ready-made video clips and audio accompaniments. This means users can get creative with messages without even filming their own content (though recording your own videos is still an option).

4. Party Poker Mobile

For years now, you’ve probably been aware of the partypoker online casino, where users from all over the world compete at poker, slot machines, etc. However, what you may not be aware of is that the site offers an app for download on Android and iOS devices. Real money gambling online has only been legalized in New Jersey to this point within the U.S., but the app is still available for free, simulated play – and once gambling regulation progresses a bit more (which is likely inevitable), this will become an enormous money-making app and an extremely popular entertainment source.

5. Dubble

To call Dubble a game changer might be a slight stretch, though given the popularity of various camera apps, not to mention social networking platforms’ increasingly common use of images, it could be a major player in 2014. Dubble is a weird but incredibly cool idea that allows you to take photos and then merge them with randomly selected images from all over the world to create unique, artistically random images that you can’t get with a basic effect, or with photographic talent for that matter!

Again, the app markets move at blinding speeds, and it may be that in another month a new batch of innovative apps rises to the surface. But these are five that look to have explosive potential in 2014 and beyond.

Guest Post by Abby Joyce