It was 7:00pm on a Saturday evening when I reached BTM layout and was waiting for a Volvo bus. It was just 7:00pm and I don’t know where in the hell were all the Volvo buses that evening. I waited for over 25mins for a Volvo to turn up, but it didn’t. I was forced to board a normal bus which was crowded like hell with drunken stinking losers hanging inside. Most of the public buses in Bangalore have hydraulic doors. The hydraulic system is so horrible that the speed at which the doors closes is like smashing a door in anger! Scary!

With the fear of those hydraulic doors, I rushed inside the bus. There were 4 guys who were blocking my way from going inside the bus. I requested one guy to give me some way, but he refused. I tried pushing him, but he didn’t move! I was like, “F it!” and stood there itself. I then realized that I was expecting an SMS and I reached my hands into my pocket to take my phone and found out that it was missing. I searched all over and I looked at the guy standing next to me and he was in a hurry to get the hell out of the frikkin bus. All the 4 of `em were rushing out of the bus when one man asked:

Man: What happened? Is something missing?

Me: Yeah! My phone is missing!!!

Man: I think the man who stood next to you took it.

Me: Agrrr!!! You telling me this now after he got down? 😡 😐

I went mad and jumped out of the bus and ran back to the place where they got down. I caught the guy who stood next to me in the bus and checked his pockets, but he was clean. I think he had already passed the phone to someone amongst the other 3, but those 3 were missing. People at the bus stop were curious to know why I was checking him.

He deviated my mind saying:

Thief: Look there! He’s boarding the bus. Catch hold of him. He has it.

Me (Holding his hand tight): WTF? How do you know it’s him?

Theif: It is him! You check him!

Me: Okay come with me.

I literally shouted the man boarding the bus to get out and he innocently got down and this guy (the thief) starts to escape. He tries to board the moving bus and I try to pull him off the bus. His slippers fall off and hops on the bus with bare foot. I followed the bus till the next stop and couldn’t find him. When enquired with the people inside the bus they said, he got down mid-way. I was so frustrated and walked back to the previous stop thinking if I could find him somewhere. While I walked back, a man who saw me holding his hands at the bus stop came to me and said, that guy just came back, took his slippers and ran away from there. I lost all hopes of getting back my phone and the next thing that came into my mind was to block my sim. It was 8:15pm and I was sure that the Airtel office would have been closed by that time. I felt so helpless. I shouldn’t have had fallen for the trick he played :(

After a night and a day without a phone, I feel so lifeless.

Image Credits: Outlook India & Blogshank