College was supposed to reopen on July 8th but now they have rescheduled the dates and are reopening it on July 20th. Since my holidays were extended, I’ve been doing a lot creative things around. Apart from watching movies and freaking out with friends, I attended my first ever Twitter meet up and a Bangalore Photo Walk which was simply fascinating.


Few days back, Bangalore tweeps had organized a PaintBall Tweetup. PaintBall is a sport or rather like a war where two teams battle on a small ground. Located near Total Mall in Sarjapur, which is quite near to my house.
We reached there by 12 noon. We were instructed on few rules and regulations and were waiting for another team to finish their game.

Later, we were given a gun (CO2 pressurized) containing pellets (paintballs) made of a gelatin shell filled with food coloring and vegetable oil for some practice. It was our turn to get in and start our game. We played “Capture the Flag”, where one team has to go to the other team’s base and capture the flag and vice versa. Had loads of fun though and will definitely attend the next tweetup which is gonna happen in the next month. (We are planning to go to Wonder La 😀 )

If your planning to go to this PaintBall (Sarjapur) then here’s some info you gotta know. Rs 500 per member with 4 rounds and 100 pellets/member. Rs 4 for each extra pellet. If your wallet is filled then start splashing and don’t care about your shots 😉

Here are some shots Prashanth captured from his Nokia N97

Click here for more shots…

Bangalore Photo Walk – Lal Bagh

Yesterday I had been for a photo walk – Lal Bagh. Thanks to Priya for bringing up this idea and making it a successful one:) Photography is one my hobby and I just love it.  I had great fun meeting great people who were into photography from years and most of them who were real PRO. Learnt a lot of new things about photography from them.

Walk started sharp at 9 in the morning. I was 1 hour late coz of unavoidable conditions. Had a tough time finding the group in that BIG place. I thought I was lost. I was out of currency and wasn’t able to get in touch with Priya. It was only her contact that I had. Thanks to Airtel, I got an emergency recharge. Sent an SMS, Loan to 121 and Airtel credited me Rs 10 immediately! Got in touch with  Priya again and finally I joined the group after half-an-hour search. Phew! We then continued our walk capturing shots that we found interesting.:)

It was a fun photo walk though. Here are some of the uploaded shots that I captured. Not all shots were uploaded.

Click here to see what others have captured:)

Anyways, if you want to attend the next Twitter meet up or the next photo walk (which is happening this Saturday) then follow me on Twitter. Will make sure that I’ll keep you updated:)