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Zoojoo.be Awesome Startup Employee – Why I Preferred Joining a Startup Zoojoo.Be over an MNC

Joining a startup is the best thing that has ever happened. YourStory interviewed me for Awesome Startup Employee and here's why I chose Zoojoo.be over an MNC. Here's my little story. Read on!

Learning a New Language. Why Is It so Hard?

Learning a new language feels difficult to everybody. The main reason is that you unconsciously compare your acquired knowledge with its equivalent in your native language.

Connecting Android with ADB over Wi-Fi (TCP/IP)

Generally developers connect their Android devices to their development system or computer via a USB cable in order to install/debug applications and for other purposes of course. However, you can also perform all these by connecting your device via a common Wi-Fi network.

One New Skill. Every Year

One New Skill. Every Year - If you can't manage to add at least one new skill in your resume every year, then you're out of competition.