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Joel Fernandes

 Android Enthusiast   +    Foodie & Coffee Lover

Google Certified

Associate Android Developer

Certificate #2124

Namma Metro, Bengaluru


I'm a technology crazed mobile app developer and a tech-social media blogger loving my life in Bangalore — a tech-savvy city (aka Silicon Valley of India) — surrounded with people who are enthusiastic about technology, develop cool apps, and capture moments in time.

I have a Masters degree in Computer Applications, and interning currently heading the mobile development team at zoojoo.be which was incubated at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM). A Reddit fan (r/Technology, r/Science, r/LPT, r/YSK, r/KYS, r/Space), and a regular follower/reader of Hacker News and Medium. I find answers to questions on Quora.

Oh! And I looooovvvee eating, gazing the night sky and ponder the Universe!