• http://www.art-insane.com Ishan Vyas

    the gangs of wasaypur dialogue completely fits here “keh ke le li” 😛

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  • http://mygiz.com myGiz

    They just want to grab the money faster. hat the shit they have done.

  • http://www.flipkart.com Karthik Srinivasan

    Hi Joel,

    I’m Karthik and I handle corporate communications at Flipkart.

    Thanks for pointing out this issue. This was a genuine error that slipped past us during the effort last night at 12 where we had to work on updating prices of many products across multiple categories. The deal on apparels is indeed 25% off across all products in the category – this was set to 20% and we have updated it after your post/tweet.


  • Lavanya rao

    Can anyone tell me what is the issue here ? I was not able to find the difference.


  • Jasjeev

    Cut them some slack

  • AK

    @Karthik Srinivasan
    I am a regular Flipkart ‘visitor’. If that’s a genuine error(which I am sure isn’t) then what about those scores of errors that’s one your pages. Only thing that can be incurred is that Flipkart lacks a QA team. Or maybe a QA team that seas to it some errors are planted well.

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