I’m Done! Done With My Rights. Are You?

Ink stain on my forefinger

Ink stain on my forefinger

Being legal to vote for the very first time in my life, I have done it and I feel proud of myself. I hardly spent 5 minutes and casted my vote for my country. It was my right to vote and this vote might just be a minor one but it’s vital! :) Have you voted? If not, then go ahead and vote for a better Governance in our country. Every single persons vote COUNTS!

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    Congrates……I did it from my side. we are good indians)

  • http://yasinta.net yasinta

    My country Indonesia is gonna have president election and I already have my candidate. It’s true, every single vote matters. Our country is what we do, what we give. Give your (condusive) votes in every chance.

  • JamesD

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  • http://www.linandjirsa.com Pye

    Good inspiration to get out there and vote. It truly is our right and responsibility to vote, though at times it can seem like one single voice can’t make a difference.

  • http://latebreakingnewsalerts.com Breaking News

    Its a very nice topic. Every one have the right to vote for their country.. No matter how busy we are…We have to give the first preference to our country…..

  • http://answerstash.com smith

    It is really appreciable that you have done your job for your country. This minor vote will determine the future of your country. Best wishes from me for your country’s future.

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    Its a very nice topic

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