Joel, you alive? Yes!!!

Yes, I am alive. It’s been a long time since I blogged last. I know. Forget that, it’s been ages since I logged in to my dashboard. No wonder, there are hundreds of comments awaiting for my approval 😛 #lazy

(Checking my last blog post) 23rd April, a month!?? 2 months!? (Thanks @9_6 for pointing out that mistake :) ) God! That’s really a long time. But, what’s keeping me away from blogging? Work, Twitter and again work!

Earlier, I had mentioned something about business firm and all. Well, this is one of the main reason that’s keeping me away. Hell loads of things to do and a BIG deal right on it’s way 😀 Hope it’s a DEAL! 😀

Secondly, I am very active on Twitter now a days :) Had stopped twitting a while but now I am addicted again 😀 It’s fun. You can follow me here and if you (still) don’t have a #Twitter account the better go get one. I’m sure you’ll love it :) @Twitter, a micro-blogging service, has kind of replaced (macro) blogging for me but I’ll never leave blogging. Will keep updating this space too :) #awesomeness

And work again? Didn’t you just say that you have some “business work” and stuff? LOL, this is different. Dad’s constructing a new house and since dad is out of station for some days, I’ve gotta look at the place. Have to keep a track of the number of people coming to work, what work they do and what not. *sigh* Doing this all alone is a real pain in the ass. #Shucks! :(

College will be re-opening on 15th of July July 8th :-/ God knows why they moved it up. Idiots! #fail And holidays are been so bugging :( You know why…But business work is keeping me a lil excited every time I recall about the DEAL! 😀 Will keep you updated about this when the right time comes. So, keep sticking around 😉

  • rasim

    I love your blog. Great to see you back. been a while. ss

  • Santosh

    lol.. looking forward to this “business” of yours. 😛

    And it’s been two months da, idiot.

  • Reema

    Shall I say welcome back? That looked more like a long tweet with hashtags rather than a post