Life’s Hectic But It’s More Exciting!!!

hectic and exciting

hectic and exciting

On one hand, days are being so hectic, frustrating and bugging and on the other hand they are just exciting, enthusiastic, joyous and amazing!

Hectic, Frustrating and Bugging coz of my college, where I’m supposed to submit records, assignments and  all those shit you know and upon that it is my previous webhost! I had no luck at all to get any sort of back-up of the contents of my blogs which included TechnoBitez as well :( That was the most heart-breaking moment I ever had :( I had to set up everything again from the beginning which was pathetic…Well, from now on I need to be very careful about my back-ups and I think I don’t have to worry about any server crashes coz I am now shifted to Surpass Hosting FOREVER! 😀

Now you must be wondering, with all these things happening why the hell did I mention that my days are Exciting, Enthusiastic, Joyous and Amazing?! Hehehe don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad coz of the shit happening around 😀 The reason is something else and I’m very damn excited about this. Hmm I’m actually not supposed to disclose this thing yet but one possible clue I could give you is that it’s a business firm which is all set to explode to the world 😉 And it’s doing great till date and no wonder that makes me feel so excited about it 😀 All I can say is that the word will sooner or later be out. So keep sticking around… 😉

  • Suda

    Hey Joel. Gone is gone and what is not gone is not gone. 😀
    Best luck 😉


  • Alice

    Lol @ Suda’s comment… ur blog’s cool enough to come back for more… 😛

  • nA

    The only reason for human still alive, is a problem… Enjoy with it 😉

  • Nikhil

    LOL… All the best for the business firm, man! I wonder what it is! 😉

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  • ephemeral mists

    I think hectic days are the ones we often look back on as being the best :)

  • Heroes TV

    Life can be tough sometimes but thats what keep us all going. Have a lovely day.

  • dinu

    good to see you back online :) it’s good to write reviews about hosts when you have a good or bad experience

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